Releases (selection):

"Girls On Stage" 12" (Electrecord)

"Stupid Games" 12" (Electrecord)

"Droppin´" on the CD 2000 Compilation (K7/Electrecord)

"Everything is" on the "ORAL-Olio" Compilation (Ersatz Audio)

"Wake Up" 12" (Vertical/Formic)

„Bolz Bolz vs. Kitbuilders/Collaboration" 12" (World Electric)

"Give It To Me" on the "Warenkorb 2" Compilation (Ware)

"She is Me" RMX for Chr. Morgenstern
on the "Death Before Disco" Remix Comp. (Forte)

"Rebuild" 12" (Vertical) with remixes by Adult, Bolz Bolz,

M.Schaffhäuser, Chr. Morgenstern

"Enjoy" Split 12"(Clarity) Kitbuilders, Bohemian 3 and DJ Porkscratch

"Wake Up“ Album (World Electric/Neuton)

"Slyder 12" (World Electric)

"Don´t Touch Me" on the „Terrorfication“ Compilation (Invasion Planete)

"Bad Girl" 12“ (Breakin´ Records UK)

"Dark Angels" Split 12" on Art Of Perception with Splash (Zombie Nation)

"Tell Me" Exclusive track on the compilation "Misery Loves Company"
(Ersatz Audio)

"Wake Up RMX" 12" (World Electric) with Bolz Bolz remixes and
2 Kitbuilders trax ("Slyder" + "Walls")

collaboration with artist Eric Robert Parnes from New York (music for his installations)

Kitbuilders remix of "Motorbike" by Lectronix (Throb Records)
feat. Man Parrish

Kitbuilders track ("Bodies")on the Electric Pop Compilation 12" (Mofa)

"Wake Up" album (module version) on Shado Rec./Italy)

"In The Year 2525" 12" on Television Rec. with Ural 13 Dictators RMX

Kitbuilders Remix of "Sunflower" by McDonald Eclair
(Shado Rec. Italy)

Kitbuilders cover of Iron Maidens "Running Free" on the "Powerslaves" compilation (Angelmaker Rec.)

Kitbuilders Remix of "A Song For Warrens Lover" by Warren Suicide (Leiternfabrik/Berlin)

"Wake Up" album (US version) on Kinetic Media./Miami) with 2 extra tracks

"You Trashed My Mind" album (Vertical/Kompakt)

Kitbuilders-remix of Radioactive Mans "Incoming" (Wang Records, UK)

"You Trashed My Tracks" album (Vertical/Kompakt)

"Strange Things" on The 808 Box (Fundamental Records, Madrid)

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