Cologne-based producers Ripley and Benway aka Kitbuilders have been producing electro for many years and released their music on labels like Breakinī Records (DMX Krew-label), Electrecord, World Electric, Television, Vertical, Ersatz Audio and many more. Their new album Reality (on Vertical/Kompakt) twist electro and dark synthpop into exciting new shapes and deals with themes of death, loss, destruction and introspection. The album combines the influence of many sources like Chris & Cosey, Devo, Aux 88, Lydia Lunch, William Butler Yeats ("A Drunken Manīs."), Suicide, Associates, dystopian 60s-songs, Mantronix and many more. The resulting music is an emotional and fresh sound tapestry that spins a vibrating web of analog Synths, 808-drums, harsh, overdriven noise, song structures and the unique vocals and lyrics from singer Ripley creating an atmosphere of tense, sinister moodiness. The album contents two remastered Kitbuilders-classics (Reality, In the Year 2525). Kitbuilders have played at various top venues in London (Fabric, The Egg), San Francisco, Madrid, Lissabon, New York, Helsinki, Tel Aviv, Paris, Madrid, Edinburg, Berlin (e.g. Tresor, Ostgut, WMF), Istanbul etc. and festivals like Roskilde, Benicassim, Sonar, Eurosonic und Arvika. They shared stage with acts such as Aphex Twin, Aux 88, Ultradyne, Ectomorph, Black Tony, Adult, DMX Krew, Radioactive Man, Magas etc.

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